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    OVM Server 3.2.1 install reboots server

      I have been trying to install OVM Server on an IBM xSeries 336 server. OVM Server 2.2.1 was previously installed on this server.
      Trying to install 3.2.1 now and I get to the splash screen booting from the CD. I press [Enter] to begin the installation. Once the process reaches the point of 'Loading SCSI driver', the server reboots. I have tested the media on other machines without issue. I have also tested the server with OVM Server 2.2.1 media and the install progresses normally to the end.
      I suspect there are missing drivers causing the install to fail. Is there a way to load the missing drivers during the install process?

      Thanks in advance,

      UPDATE: I have successfully installed OVM Server 3.0.2... Not exactly what I wanted but....

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