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    IMAP spam/not spam feedback

      Is there an opportunity to leverage similar functionality as offered by Convergence with service.feedback.spam and service.feedback.notspam in general IMAP? I'd like to have either the MMP or the messagestore be able to refer email in the same way when a user is accessing their mailbox with any IMAP client and they move/copy a message to or out of the Spam folder.

      Does this functionality exist in Messaging Server/ENS/??
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          The MMP does not examine the protocol after authentication. So that would not be a good match.

          You could use ENS to allow a customer-written application to receive notification of messages being move to/from a certain folder.

          Another thought would be to look at the contents of that folder periodically, perhaps using the report action of imexpire:

          and MOS Knowledge article: Using Imexpire To Report Certain Types Of Mail (Doc ID 1488955.1)
          also note: Enhancement Request 12432698 - ADD HEADER FIELDS OPTION TO IMEXPIRE REPORT ACTION
          (meaning it probably won't give you everything you need today - you might want to open a service request asking to be added to ER 12432698)

          But no, there is no feature in the IMAP server to forward a message to service.feedback.spam or service.feedback.notspam when it is copied to or removed from a "spam" folder.

          There is another enhancement request which is somewhat related to this topic, but still does not do exactly what you want:


          That will allow imexpire to be used to perform the same type of scanning as the MTA can do, but on messages already in the store.
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            Thanks Kelly. I think I will go down the ENS road first since it's the act of moving/copying I want to trigger on, rather than the presence of the message in the "spam" folder.

            I'm guessing here is the place to start to understand how to implement:


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              yes, but... notice the box at the top
              This information applies to Messaging Server 7 Update 3 and prior versions.
              and part way down the page:
              JmsSample Program
              Starting with Messaging Server 7 Update 4 Patch 18, the ens.jar file and sample files have been removed.

              See the following knowledge article in MOS:
              Comms Suite ENS and JMQ Event Notification Services (Doc ID 1421043.1)

              The ENS doc is:

              There is also the option of using JMQ, but it is recommended to use ENS unless you need other features from JMQ.