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    ORA-00060 Deadlock after 2 page process

      Greetings to the community,

      On one 4.2 JQM page I have two processes, 1. Automatic Row Processing (DML), 2. PL/SQL anonymous block, which runs on insert in the 1. process, calls a stored procedure and writes data in another link table (amongst them the pk).

      Now when I run each process individually (the other deactivated) it works. But when I run both, I get the Deadlock error. Our DBA said, there are too many requests running at the same time. How can this be?

      I could put both processes into on procedure, coding the automatic part myself, but there should be another solution.

      Thanks for any advise,
      with best regards,

      I should mention: the anonymous block calls a stored procedure.
      Because when I have the 2nd process not executed via a stored procedure but in the apex window, its working.

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