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    Builder - Item Properties page

      APEX 4.2.1

      The Edit Page Item page in the Builder (4000:4311) shows the list of items defined on the page in a vertical list region on the right hand side of the page. I could have sworn that the item names listed in this region were simple text (consistent with other component edit pages like Process, Validation, etc). But on the Edit Item page, since they are links, you can't highlight the item name and drag them into, say, a Condition Expression text box for a commonly used condition like Item is/not null. I imagine the reason the item names are hyperlinks is to facilitate easy navigation to that item but I am not happy about losing the simple drag-and-drop functionality :-(

      Speaking of Builder usability, the Item Finder popup window default view shows the list of items defined on the current page. The Page column on the popup is effectively useless since it just re-displays the same page. If you choose some other page, clicking Set to see the list of items on that page, I would expect clicking on the item name to close the popup and navigate to the Edit Page Item for that item. But the item name is not a clickable link. In general, links within the various tabs on the Item Finder popup seem to navigate just within the popup window. IMHO it would be much more useful if they were to close the popup and navigate to the selected component in the main Builder window.

      I should probably log an official enhancement request but just wanted to vent first :-)