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    Alejandro Tovar Lanz
      Hi Guys,

      I have configured my Weblogic to connect and use Oracle Internet Directory (OID) as main security provider. Which is working fine. I am able to get users and groups and so on.

      Also, I am able to use the OPSS API to search, update users and roles.

      However, I am trying to create a new user using

      UserManager um = myIdentityStore.getUserManager();


      which is working but it is creating the user in a place I don't want to.

      This is the DN of my created user:


      but I would like to be created in


      Is this possible? I am connecting as orlcadmin to create the users. I have no previous experience in OID or LDAP stuff so I might be omitting an important point. I am able, however to search users and roles under my dc=myDC.



      If I execute this line


      I get "dc=com". I am trying to figure out if I need to add the LDAP connection directly in the JPS-CONFIG.XML and add the properties in there. But I am not sure.