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    B2B - SFTP Listening Channel - Double procesing and Stateless state

    Venkatesh Ramasamy

      We had a wired situation when with our B2B servers. We have TP's configured to use SFTP for both Inbound and Outbound transport.

      There was a Scheduled Maintenance on our SFTP server, so the Listening Channels were disabled and a Downtime was scheduled for the duration of the SFTP Maintenance. The maintenance was complete ahead of schedule, so the Listening channels were enabled and the downtime was deleted. There was traffic in and out with out any problem. The next day, we started noticing that B2B started processing all the files twice, so if the SFTP server receives one file, B2B would process it twice. So I disabled the listener in order to troubleshoot.

      Wile the listener was disabled, I did notice that the files were still being picked up from the SFTP server and were processed, however, the files were processed only once. So one issue was resolved, don't know what caused that.

      The next issue is, when the listening channels were disabled, the files on the SFTP were still getting processed. I have an SR open with Oracle and waiting to hear from them. In the meantime, the SOA cluster (2 servers) was restarted which fixed the second problem. No every thing is normal. However, still did not get what caused these issues.

      Thought would share in the forum. I am still reviewing the logs will post what I find, if any of you have any ideas or have experienced this please share your findings as well.