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    priviliges issue

      hi all, db and dev 10g rel2
      , how to make a user sees another user objects , what is the priviliges i should pass to him to do the task ,
      i mean
      i want scott user to see the hr objects and do anything on it , insert,update,delete , create and drop anything ,...........?

      thanks in advance
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          I have no idea what you are asking and based on the fact that no one has responded before this apparently no one else understands your question either.

          Objects owned by HR are visible to anyone that logs on as HR. What you don't indicate is what tools people are using, what username they are using to log in, or how anyone "sees" anything give a database is no a user interface.

          And, quite honestly, if this is about the HR schema you must be a student so please explain the point of this exercise ... for example whether it is homework. Thank you.
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            Chanchal Wankhade

            You should connect with sys user if you have access and grant the required privileges to the user you want.
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              This is wrong for several reasons:
              - You will not be able to connect as SYS following this example
              - The GRANT statement exmple does not follow any legitimate syntax
              - A rookie should not be encouraged to use SYS unless they really need to do so, and they know exactly what they are doing. Given that this user has not yet explained what they want to do, and seems quite unsure of what he neeeds to do, I don't think they are ready to go there.
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                select ' grant select, insert,update,delete on '|| owner||'.'|| table_name ||' to hr ;' from dba_tables where owner='SCOTT';

                Then execute output of above statement