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    Misconfigured devalias with T4 and Sol10 after JET install

      We are using JET 4.4.7 to install Solaris 10 08/11 on a new T4-2 server
      After installation is complete, OBP rootdisk is set to /scsi_vhci/disk@g5000cca03c4aeea4:a

      Rebooting fails:
      {0} ok boot rootdisk
      Boot device: /scsi_vhci/disk@g5000cca03c4aeea4:a File and args:
      ERROR: boot-read fail

      Can't locate boot device

      When we manually alias rootdisk to /pci@400/pci@2/pci@0/pci@e/scsi@0/disk@p2, it boots fine.

      Is there a way to have the OS name and OBP names in sync, not requiring the manual alias?
      And how can we force it to use disk0 as the boot disk? We have tried base_config_profile_usedisk=slot0, unsuccessfully.