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    Win7 Forms Setup Issues

      We have installed WebLogic + FMW onto Win7 to use as a development Desktop. The issue we are having is WebLogic and WLS_FORMS, only wants to run as the user who did the installation. Initial review of the issue seems to be Folder/File privileges. We have tried changing folder privs and even executing as an administrator but we continue to have various issues.

      We need to have desktop tech do the installs while the developer is a completely different person. Can you provide some direction as to how best to correct this issue?
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Please refer to the product documentation where this is discussed.

          Specifically, refer to these sections :
          <blockquote><li>8.3 Enabling User Account Control (UAC)
          <li>8.4 Understanding the Required Installation Privileges for Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Forms and Reports</blockquote>