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    Data Modeler 3.3 EA2 Engineering to Logical Error

      I migrated my Designer application, then reversed engineered from the current Data Dictionary. I want to Engineer to Logical Model the changes that have been made in the Relational Model but nothing happens when I select the "Engineer to Logical Model" button. I have this error in my datamodel.log: [AWT-EventQueue-0] ERROR MDBAction - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Entity is not source or target entity of this relation. I have verified that the information is correct in the relationship so I'm at a lost on how to resolve this issue. I searched in the forums but have not been able to find a similar issue. I looked for documentation on Data Modeler errors but there seems to be no documents on errors. I tried creating a new project and then importing my relational and logical designs but that did not resolve the issue. I still get the same error. Is this a bug?