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    Presentation Variable in SQL statement -11g

      We have one prompt for selecting the date & set 1 presenation variable on that as PV_DATE.
      Also we have a rep var as START_DATE which store say a date (1st Jan 2001).

      Based on user selection of date we've to provide say TOTAL_SALE between (START_DATE & PV_DATE).

      In TOTAL_SALE column we've used filter option on DATE.
      Date is between repository variable & presentation variable
      Date is between @{START_DATE} and @{PV_DATE}{02/20/2013}

      but the SQL automatically changes to:

      FILTER("- SALES Facts"."TOTAL SALE" USING ("- Generic Date"."Date" BETWEEN VALUEOF("START_DATE") AND date '2013-02-20'))

      what probable mistake are we doing