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    12c Broken Corrective Actions - No credentials

      We have a monitoring template set up which affects 40+ databases.
      We are trying to set up a "Archive Area Used (%)" corrective action on warning and critical to run an OS job to perform a RMAN backup/delete on archive logs.

      When editing the monitoring template, and attempting to set Credentials, the Host Credentials pane says the following;
      Credentials to authenticate on the host to execute the command or script
      Preferred Credential Name: <pulldown list>
      Credential Details: Credentials will be determined at runtime
      In the pulldown list for Credential Name, the ONLY option is "Database Host Credentials". We have no option there of setting named credentials.
      The hint text for credentials says
      Credentials for corrective actions are specified during the template apply operation. As part of the template apply operation, the administrator should specify whether his/her own preferred credentials for the destination targets will be used or explicit credentials will be provided for the corrective actions in the template. In either case, the corrective action will be marked as broken for targets where target credentials are not set.

      I can see nowhere where the credentials for corrective actions are specified - as there is no manual "apply operation".

      In the Setup Screen under "Named Credentials" we have a Credential Name called "DBHOST_ORACLE"
      Authenticating Target Type: Host
      Credentials Type: Host Credentials
      Target: <Blank> (scope global)

      We can test these credentials and they work.

      The long and the short of it is that we end up with 40+ broken corrective action jobs, which we need to go in and manually set the credentials for. Which is pretty annoying.

      What are we missing in this process?
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          no one is using corrective actions?
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            You should be able to set the credentials while applying the Monitoring template on the targets.

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              Here are the steps that should help you:

              1) Please ensure "Global Scoped" Named credentials are available for the user applying the monitoring template. Since you are using OSCommand and RMANScript corrective actions, ensure that you go to Setup > Named Credentials Screen and create appropriate named credentials for Host and Database Instance (Select credential scope as "Global" while createing these credentials)

              2) When you are in Monitoring > Monitoring Templates page, select the template and click "Apply" button (1st button)

              - On the Apply screen, select the targets and click continue
              - On the next screen named "Corrective Actions", choose "Override Preferred Credential" option
              - Click on pencil link to edit named credential for each of CA listed there
              - Ensure OC Command and RMAN Script select appropriate named credential (If you see message like "There are no named credential for Database Credentials" - this means that no named credentials are created in the system for that credential type)
              - Click on finish to initiate the apply operation

              Let us know if you still face any issues.