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    Reg: File Adapter

      Dear team,

      Oracle SOA version:

      We are reading a csv file with 100 records with "Publish messages in Batch " value =10 and archiving the file.
      So reading a file is generating 10 instances.

      In each bpel instance we are inserting data (10 records from file read) to Database.

      After 5 bpel instances are successfully processed, from 6th instance database is throwing remote exception.

      So our requirement is capture the data for failed bpel instances and write to a outbound file.

      In catch block of remote exception , we are invoking the outbound file adapter which writes the data to a file in "append mode".

      So for the all the failed bpel instances , we are writing data to same file.

      But we need the file headers as 1st row in the file followed by file data.

      how to get the file headers as 1st row of the outbound file ....presently we are gettiing only data from failed bpel process.

      For example for emp.csv inbound file if headers are

      we want same headers for outbound file

      Please suggest