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    Convert() through JavaScript

      I currently have the applet embedded into a webpage and I wish to create a bitmap of the model to store and call back up elsewhere in my web application.

      When I call the function that should do the convert I get the following:

      Uncaught Error: java.security.AccessControlException: access denied ("java.io.FilePermission" "TestFile.bmp" "write")

      Currently I was just aiming to save the file near the applet on the server so haven't included an output directory or anything like that, the same error still appears however when I try full paths to either my local machine or relative paths elsewhere on the server etc.

      The code I am using is below, am I missing any extra steps out or is there something I can do to give the applet the correct permissions to do this?

      var convertOptionsClass = jApplet.getClass("com.cimmetry.core.ConvertOptions3D");
      var convertOptions = convertOptionsClass.newInstance();

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          George AV

          It is likely that your JVM does not have enough permissions (<JRE>\lib\security\java.policy).
          Try adding permission java.security.AllPermission; in the grant block to check if it helps.

          There are other alternatives that you might consider for your application:
          - jApplet.getActiveVueBean().renderOntoGraphics() to render onto a graphics created from an image.
          - Using our Web Servises to convert or to generate a thumbnail.