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    Nivo slider(Image slideshow) implementation in adf

    Sardar Nale
      Hi All,
      I am using jdev version

      I followed below link to create the Image slide show.

      I am able to make slide show of images successfully
      but not able to give title(Caption) to that image.
      As they said there should be same title attribute of image with id of div tag of the caption as like below
      <div id="slider" class="nivoSlider">
          <img src="img/slide1.png" alt="" title="#caption1">
          <img src="img/slide2.png" alt="">
          <img src="img/slide3.png" alt="" title="#caption3">
          <img src="img/slide4.png" alt="">
      <div id="caption1" class="nivo-html-caption">
          <strong>New Project</strong> <span></span> <em>Some description here</em>.
      <div id="caption3" class="nivo-html-caption">
          <strong>Image 3</strong> <span></span> <em>Some description here</em>.
      where caption1 and caption3 attributes are same.
      but how to give title attribute to af:image by which property
      In adf I have done it in following way.
      because I am not able to set the caption.
      I set it manually. but it does not get the slide show effects to the caption
      <div class="slider-wrapper theme-alfa">
      <div id="slider" class="nivoSlider">                   
                                        <c:set var="proImage"
                            <af:goImageLink  destination="#{row.docLink}" id="gil1"
                                            icon="#{documentsService.latestReleasedVersionURL[proImage]}" styleClass="nivo-banner-caption" />
                                            <!-- inlineStyle="background-color: transparent;     color: white;     font-family: 'open_sansbold',Arial,sans-serif;     font-size: 40px;     left: 100px;     line-height: 50px;   top: 50px;     width: 50%;"/> -->
      Here text="#{row.docTitle}" attribute of af:goImageLink is a title but it does not get the effects of slideshow

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