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    Space Reclaiming and Re-Organization for Tablespace

      Hi Experts

      I have one Database running on EE. This DB has grown very fast in last few months because of loads of loads of data being populated into it.

      Few weeks back we purged some big tables from a tablespace roughy 700GB data was purged. We did truncate of some few tables. After this we tried to recover the space from tablespace which is reflecting it has 100% free space but when we check how much we can reclaim we saw most of the objects /segments are lying just before HWM. Due to this we are not able to recover the space from datafiles and as well from file system. File systems are giving alerts .

      Please help to fix this issue.

      I would be happy some one can start providing solutions as I have tried almost everything but no success.

      Waiting for some quick responses.