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    ADF BPM Task Pages launched from Worklist


      We have built a Custom BPM Workspace application that imports adflibTaskListFlow.jar. This essentially utilises the tasklist task flow to assisy in rendering the task lists, rather than implementing our own custom tasklist based on the API's. In our implementation we have disabled the preview window (showTaskDetailsPanel = false)

      A descrepancy I have noticed between our Workspace and the standard Oracle BPM workspace is when launching the task list pages, the window it launches is presented in a different manner. From out tasklist it open the window using the adf.dialog-request and renders a panel with the sizes 750 by 600. Also when the page is launched, it is launched in Modal form and renders the task list disabled. When launching from the Oracle Workspace the window is larger and use the adf.task-flow. The worklist is also not disabled so it can still optionally be used (e.g. Not Modal)

      My question is there a way of configuguring the Custom solution to resemble the standard task list as the presnetation is more suited to our client.

      For Example:

      1) The ADF Task flow page size is larger and reduces the need to maxmimise the screen.
      2) The Task list is not rendered in Modal form (Modal form occasionally leads to issues with IE and results in teh screen staying in Modal form)

      Does anyone know if this is feasible and how this can be done. I'm unsure whether the task flow can be configured differently.

      If not is there any way to configure the adf.dialog-request to re-size the window and make this non modal.

      Your experiences would be appreciated

      Kind Regards