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    Status Pending on GridControl console.

    James Borg
      Hello, I am back working on Oracle afer 3years absence and my skills are still a bit rusty and there have been quite some changes since Oracle9

      My problem is with gridcontrol (OM12C on Oracle Linux Server release 5.7) to RAC (11g 64bit, both hosts AIX6.1)

      On OM12C, agent status on both hosts is UP, host status is UP, another database instance (not RAC) on one of the hosts is UP, but cluster instance and instances on both hosts are listed as "Status Pending". However all metrics OS and DB are being collected and all data, graphs, alerts etc work properly. In fact, this status does not seem to have any ill effect on performance at all.

      I tried resynchronizing agent but makes no difference. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

      Thanks and regards