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    Multipathing in Solaris

      Grid Infrastructure Version :
      Platform : Solaris 10, Oracle Enterprise Linux 6

      With reference to shared storage, I always read about MultiPathing. I know that the LUN names should appear as same across all nodes for RAC in Linux.

      But 2 years back I succesfully configured RAC in Solaris 10. I left that shop and I don't have access a solaris RAC now.
      If I remember correctly the LUN names appeared differently across the nodes
      ie. A Particular LUN

                will be seen from Node1 as:

                The same LUN seen from Node2
      Although the LUN name is different, the slice number , ie the last charcter in LUN name will be same ( 3 in the above example )

      Now, I am thinking , didn't this confuse the ASM Instance ? ie. For one LUN the v$asm_disk will have two entries like
      v$asm_disk.path = /dev/rdsk/c3t400A0B800047D3M3210s3
      v$asm_disk.path = /dev/rdsk/c1t400A0B800038A4CA0050s3