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    Updates for Solaris 11.1 Free edition


      I know that patches during the year (such as the comstar iSCSI one) are not available to the free/home Solaris 11.1 version.

      However I think I read somewhere that they are made available on a yearly bases. Is that in the form of an update that can be installed on an existing installation of Solaris, or is that a new ISO that need to be fully re-installed, and re configured where ZFS pool need to be re-imported?

      Basically, I wonder if yearly updates can be installed easily or require a re-install..

      Thank you.
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          Dave Miner-Oracle
          I don't believe we've committed to any specific cadence for update releases, though Solaris 11 and 11.1 were about a year apart. In general we have designed the technology to support updating to future releases without a re-install, but the OTN license that you agree to prior to downloading does not obligate us to provide updates. That said, we have made it possible to upgrade from Solaris 11 Express to Solaris 11 to Solaris 11.1 without requiring re-installation, and I hope that will be the case for future updates.