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    Maybe I am missing it

      Before I put in an enhancement requests is there a way to GROUP connections

      We have mulitple units and it would be nice to group connections as I have almost 200 connections. (A lot to scroll through)

      It would be nice if I could group each set of connections for each unit into a folder.

      Then my conneciton list would show up as a group of folders and when I open it I can see those particular connections.
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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          From the Connections view, right-click on any connection. You will see Add to Folder -> New Folder -> Folder Name. Once you have created the folder and added the first connection, just highlight multiple other connections that belong in the same folder, right-click, Add to Folder -> <select target folder name from the list>.

          Other areas in the tool, like the Worksheet ConnectionSelectorUI widget's (upper right corner) drop-down list, will still display all the connections in a single, flat listing. An enhancement request has already been logged.

          SQL Developer Team
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            I just grouped them.

            This is great.

            Looking forward to the DROP-DOWN-LIST support as well.