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    Beehive recording issues

      Hi Forum,

      Currently when you record a Beehive web conference the result is an asf file. This asf is not seekable and only seems to play in Windows Media Player but some in my team are having issues even with that. Is there a way to either index the file to make it seekable or convert it to another format? I've tried several free / trial programs on my desktop and MacBook but nothing has worked so far. One of two things happens :
      1. the program fails to open the file because of an error,
      2. the program appears to repair / convert the file but nothing actually happens.

      This is causing us some problems as we have training videos that are effectively unusable because if you miss something then you need to start the video from the beginning to try and catch it again (as opposed to rewinding 10 seconds).

      If there is no way to make the file seekable (I know that this can be done with other asf files) and if there is no way to convert the file because it's not the correct format, does the Beehive team have any plans to change the recording format to something that is more usable?

      Thanks, Max
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          Hi Max,

          There's no plans ahead to convert the Recording file to any other format as of now.
          The .asf file can be played in Windows Media Player through plugin available at.


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            James Owens-Oracle
            Thanks for the update Biju.

            From research I've done, there is no intrinsic issue with ASF format and the ability to scroll back and forth in the video. The ASF file produced the the conferencing tool appears to produce an incompatible file and many players will report the file is corrupt, including VLC. Other ASF files I have on my machine do not have the same issue as the ASF produced by our tool.



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              My team would also like the ability to easily record and play back meetings with both audio and the contents of a web conference in a single file. This ability was available in other conference systems that we have used at Oracle, and my team really misses it. It greatly benefited our job performance when we could easily go back and listen to information and training sessions that we had conducted.

              When we for sure what to record meetings now, we use WebEx instead of Beehive for the meeting.

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                I have a follow up question on this topic. Whenever I tried recording a conference, the presentation is recorded but the sound is not. I have tired many options and checking the microphone. I have tired enabling or disabling the Voice chat option in different conferences and none of them can be recorded with any sound. I have also tried enabling or disabling the microphone (both the default built in mic or separate headset).

                What is the right way to enable recording that also includes recording the sound? The recorded playback video is useless if the viewer cannot hear the presentation.

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                  user272703 - oracle
                  We in It have the same issue with recording, the voice from the conf call doesn't get recorded, therefore we use STRTC to record vide and audio, now that STRTS is going away we need this issue fixed, as we record at least 3 times a week training sessions that we go back and listen to them when needed.
                  Are there setup steps that we are missing, how can we get it to work please.