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    data getting duplicated on B2B

      We are having a strnage issue of data getting duplicated on B2B, when a inbound transaction is received by TP for 2 of the Vendors we are seeing that the data is getting duplicated but the same Document Defination is being used by a 3rd trading partner too, but for that 3rd partner we are not seeing any duplicate, also for rest of the 2 Trading partners duplicate happen for couple of days and strangley one day their will be no duplicates. I have verified the WEb logs there is no duplicate entries at Web tier, so data being sent twice by TP is ruled out, Any inputs on the issue will be really helpful. I have SEV 1 SR open for the issue even oracle and working with them on the same.
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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
          Can you provide few more details -

          1. Exact version and patch level of your B2B?
          2. When you say duplicate then does it mean that you are seeing two business message report for same message or You see only one report at B2B and middleware is receiving the message twice?
          3. Which document and exchange protocols are you using?

          There were few known bugs related to duplicate message appearance so it's good that you have logged a SR in parallel with support. You might be hitting one of the known bugs. Can you also let me know the SR number please?

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            I got confused with 2 messages in EDI transaction that was causing 2 entries in B2B report. Everything looks to be working fine