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    reverse proxy is sendig HTTP url incase of a 302 redirect

      Hi All,
      We have 2 iplanet web servers, one in DMZ with SSL(running on port 443 only not on 80) enabled and one in our network without SSL(running on port 80). When we hit a request like https://webserver/abc it is working fine but we have an application and when we hit initial URL like https://webserver/landing.action it supposed to gets redirected to https ://webserver/signon.action but when webserver is sending this redirection to browser it is sending HTTP url instead of HTTPS and we are getting 'page not found" as our DMZ webserver is not listening to HHP port.

      Looking for how to resolve this issue in Iplanet webserver or how to stop webserver to send HTTP url incase of any 302 redirect.