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    Enable http compression on iplanet 7

      Hi Brother,

      We are enable http compression on iplanet 7.0 but the flash file "flv" unable to load by IE/firefox after enable this setting. Does it not support flash on http compression?
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          I ran into a similar problem with pdf files and IE. It turned out to be a problem with IE. You can exclude IE with something like this:

          <If $browser = "*MSIE*" && $uri =~ ".flv$">
          #IE Bug - do nothing
          NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="*" name="compress-on-demand"

          You may have to exclude the entire page that serves the flash too.
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            Compression is not supported on flash files or .swf file and dont enable compression for jpg/jpeg as it is already compressed.
            Regarding compression support of IE all IE version above 6 support compression. IE version 6 also supports but sometime your browser may get hung.