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    LoadLibraryA() in pscompat.dll failed for 'PSORA64.dll': reason=193

      I setup PeopleTools 8.53 on Windows7 64bit with Oracle database 11.2.0 32bit,Oracle Tuxedo 64bit and Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6,after run Data Mover,using psadmin.exe to create Application Server,then select:Create a domain,select:smaill,all of the settings flowing:
      Quick-configure menu -- domain: ps
      Features Settings
      ========== ==========
      1) Pub/Sub Servers : No 16) DBNAME :[ps]
      2) Quick Server : No 17) DBTYPE :[ORACLE]
      3) Query Servers : No 18) UserId :[PS]
      4) Jolt : Yes 19) UserPswd :[PS]
      5) Jolt Relay : No 20) DomainID :[TESTSERV]
      6) WSL : No 21) AddToPATH :[E:\app\Administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\BIN]
      7) PC Debugger : No 22) ConnectID :[people]
      8) Event Notification: Yes 23) ConnectPswd:[people]
      9) MCF Servers : No 24) ServerName :[]
      10) Perf Collator : No 25) DomainConnectPswd:[]
      11) Analytic Servers : Yes 26) WSL Port :[7000]
      12) Domains Gateway : No 27) JSL Port :[9000]
      28) JRAD Port :[9100]
      when boot the domain,PSAPPSRV cann't boot:
      exec PSAPPSRV -o ".\LOGS\stdout" -e ".\LOGS\stderr" -s@psappsrv.lst -- -D TESTSERV -S PSAPPSRV :
      CMDTUX_CAT:1685: ERROR: Application initialization failure

      In stderr ,only one message:
      LoadLibraryA() in pscompat.dll failed for 'PSORA64.dll': reason=193

      In psft\pt\8.53\appserv\ps\LOGS\APPSRV_0223.LOG :
      PSAPPSRV.6268 (0) [2013-02-23T23:52:14.146](0) PeopleTools Release 8.53 (Windows) starting. Tuxedo server is APPSRV(99)/2
      PSAPPSRV.6268 (0) [2013-02-23T23:52:14.395](0) Cache Directory being used: C:\Users\Administrator\psft\pt\8.53\appserv\ps\CACHE\PSAPPSRV_2\
      PSAPPSRV.6268 (0) [2013-02-23T23:52:14.501](1) GenMessageBox(200, 0, M): PS General SQL Routines: Missing or invalid version of SQL library PSORA64 (200,0)
      PSAPPSRV.6268 (0) [2013-02-23T23:52:14.532](0) Database Options: override_connection_reset: 0
      PSAPPSRV.6268 (0) [2013-02-23T23:52:14.532](1) GenMessageBox(0, 0, M): Database Signon: Could not sign on to database PS with user PS.
      PSAPPSRV.6268 (0) [2013-02-23T23:52:14.539](0) Server failed to start
      PSADMIN.6068 (0) [2013-02-23T23:52:21.915](0) End boot attempt on domain ps

      In \psft\pt\8.53\appserv\ps\LOGS\TUXLOG.022313:
      235208.USER-PC!tmboot.5644.6920.-2: LIBTUX_CAT:1376: WARN: APPDIR value "C:\Users\Administrator\psft\pt\8.53\appserv\pstest" in environment does not match configuration "C:\Users\Administrator\psft\pt\8.53\appserv\ps"
      235210.USER-PC!tmboot.5644.6920.-2: CMDTUX_CAT:1851: INFO: TM_BOOTTIMEOUT is set to 120 seconds
      235210.USER-PC!tmboot.5644.6920.-2: CMDTUX_CAT:1855: INFO: TM_BOOTPRESUMEDFAIL option is selected
      235211.USER-PC!PSWATCHSRV.3572.6112.-2: 02-23-2013: Tuxedo Version with VS2010, 64-bit
      235211.USER-PC!PSWATCHSRV.3572.6112.-2: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting
      235213.USER-PC!PSAPPSRV.6268.6076.0: 02-23-2013: Tuxedo Version with VS2010, 64-bit
      235213.USER-PC!PSAPPSRV.6268.6076.0: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting
      235214.USER-PC!PSAPPSRV.6268.6076.0: LIBTUX_CAT:250: ERROR: tpsvrinit() failed
      235214.USER-PC!tmboot.5644.6920.-2: tmboot: CMDTUX_CAT:827: ERROR: Fatal error encountered; initiating user error handler
      How can i fix this error? Thanks in advance.