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    Problems with ApEx apps on 10g database through Listener 2.0 under WLS


      I have installed Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6 (OS Windows 7 Professional) and deployed Apex Listener 2.0 for testing, configured multiple database connections to two servers, which are working on Oracle 10g ( and 11g (11.2) DB. The problem is that all the ApEx applications under 10g database don't work correctly unlike whose that work under 11g. "Don't work correctly" means, for example, the start apex page loads properly (with images and scripts), but when you enter workspace, credentials and press login button you see blank page or elements are not shown. Further attempts to use these apex applications lead to blank pages. Start pages will be shown only when WebLogic Server is reload. Applications under 11g database work correctly at the same time. Static objects for all the apex applications are deployed properly with right image prefix.
      Can this problem be related with the database (but the system requirement of database for Listener is or later versions)? What can be another reasons?

      Thanks in advance!