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    splitting the canvas

      hi all , db and dev 10g rel2 ,
      can i split the canvas into two peaces or more ? or can i see three canvases at once ?

      there is a form i want to do like it , it contains a block up on the canvas and under it there is a tab one but it looks like all of this are on one cavas ?
      can i do this in developer 10g ?
      i'll post a picture for the form as soon as possible .
      thanks in advance
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          Not clear your requirement, but per my understanding,

          Make one canvas - content, then below that make canvas-tab - this will make looks like same canvas with different screen
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            that's what i want , but as per my knowledge , that can not be done in forms builder , you can not see two cavaces at once , just one , that is why i asked ,
            how to put a canvas under another one ?

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              This is simple and below is easy steps

              First Create a Content Canvas
              In the layout screen, there is TAB-CANCAS icon
              Drag into Content Canvas and make content canvas as per your size
              By default this will give 2 tab, you create more tab pages through object navigator.

              Still if you have doubt, express your difficulties here
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                Hi, What about separate windows for both of your canvases, First create two windows and then Create two canvases suppose 1 is main canvas and other one is Child canvas assign window1 to main canvas and window2 to child canvas manage the sizes and position according your needs. You can invoke both canvases by executing query in w-n-f-i trigger on blocks which are associated with these canvases or by calling navigation to items on both canvases. Or you can invoke and switch between canvases by calling navigation to an item on either canvas in w-b-p triggers.

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                  hello Mr islam

                  you can do that in 10g by
                  1- make you primary canvas is content
                  2- add any another canvas with another type like "stack"
                  3- open the layout for the primary content canvas
                  4- form "view" menu select stacked canvas

                  then you kindly can adjust your stacked canvases upon the primary content canvas

                  best wishes :)