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    jDeveloper: Database Type --> Java Type


      Iam using jDeveloper for developing my application which is connected to a postgresql database. To use diffrent tables in my Application I connected them by a EJB Diagram. After that I created a session bean in that Diagram.

      To use that Data in my Application I create a new Data Control for that Session bean.

      After moving the Data Control to a Table in my index.jsf I run my programm and get this error:

      +Exception Description: The type [class java.lang.Object] for the attribute [id] on the entity class [class model.StundenzettelEintraege] is not a valid type for a serialized mapping. The attribute type must implement the Serializable interface.+

      The Problem is that the jDeveloper maps diffrent number types (in postgre for example serial, int,..) to the java.lang.Object class.
      Where can I configure that behavior to solve this problem?

      I dont wanna change all that types manually.

      Thank you for helping!

      Best Regards,
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