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    Correlation sets not working

      I have a requirement as below :

      I am working on Jdev 1.5 version and BPEL 2.0 specification. I have an if-else condition in my BPEL. In the if condition I have a while loop with 2 correlation sets, Correlation_1 and Correlation_2. Now in the else condition, I have again created 2 more correlation sets Correlation_3 and Correlation_4. The Property Aliases of these correlation sets, Correlation_1 and Correlation_3 are same, but I have created them separately. Same is the case with Correlation_2 and Correlation_4. Now when I use the correlation set only in the if loop it works fine, but when I use in both the if and else condition, the correlation does not work.

      I have even tried creating a scope for the else condition, which is not in any while loop, but that scope is not visible.

      Can someone please suggest something for this?