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    Other XE training besides Oracle Learning Library XE Tutorials?

      This might be a silly question, but the fact that I am an accountant and not an IT professional might help explain it. :)

      I am plan on working my way through Oracle BI 11g Developers Guide by Mark Rittman. The main purpose is for Dashboard and Scorecards, but I also plan on working through Modeling and Creating Repositories. As part of this, the necessary sql scripts, programs and other files used in the book require Oracle DB 11g release 2. The book notes that any edition including XE edition will suffice.

      So I downloaded XE and went through the first demo tutorials, Learn to Use Oracle Database 11g Express Edition - Part 1 and Learn to Use Oracle Database 11g Express Edition - Part 2a.

      There are demo's in the Tutorials, but really no sample exercises that require the user to perform the steps that are being demo'd.

      So finally my question....Is there anything beyond the Learning Library tutorials to get familiar with XE before I jump into the BI developers guide?