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    Re: Solaris 10 Install Missing TSIpgx package

      I know this thread is ancient
      Solaris 10 Install Missing TSIpgx package
      and I tried to resurrect the dead from 2005 until a kind forum moderator split my question away to let it stand on its own (as I should have done originally).

      , but I have a similar problem. I'm running Solaris 10 on a Sparc 10 Ultra with OpenBoot 3.25 and want to install a PGX32 on it. My system does not have the drivers on it and I don't have the CD mentioned in the installation guide. Is there a source anywhere for these files at this late date?
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          If that frame buffer wasn't in the chassis at the original time you installed the OS, the packages would not have been copied across.

          I'm pretty sure that the Solaris 10 has native out-of-the-box support for that card so you might think of searching the DVD/CD disk for the packages.
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            Additionally, since the PGX32 card is simply a re-branded card from TechSource, you might try their web site for drivers (or email them for information).

            A quick five-second speed-read of their web site found this:
            which has what I think are links to Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 packages.
            (That additionally seems to suggest that Solaris 10 has native OOTB support.)
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              I find it a bit curious that on the same day as your resurrection hijack post here, there is an almost identical post on another forum:

              Proper etiquette would have you be polite enough to not ever do that unless you paste a link to your other post(s). No one is being paid to monitor these forums for the chance to give you answers.

              Locking this thread.