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    OWB Mappings write data extremely sparse

    UW (Germany)
      We discovered that some tables, which get some new records by several OWB Mappings every night, are filled extremely sparse. In most blocks we find only one record even if the average record size is some 60 bytes and the blocksize is 8k. Only in a few blocks there are up to 18 records and every night nearly the same - but not exactly the same - mappings write their data in one block together, while all other mappings use a separate block. When we move all records to a temporary table, truncate the original table and move all records back, every block is filled with 110 to 120 records but in the next night the new records are sparse again.

      I moved the problematical tables from an ASSM managed tablespace to a manually managed tablespace and increased the number of freelists to 2 but this made no difference in the behavior. Is there any explanation for this conduct of the database? Is there a known bug in (it’s not up to date, I know) which leads to this result?