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    Shutdown immediate won't work, Must abort to switch to SunCluster standby

      Customer has a Solaris Clusterware, The customer sees the semtimedop() system call returning EAGAIN when running "shutdown immediate" on their database on one cluster node. This is expected when the shared resource that the semaphore is protecting is unavailable. The shared resource is only being used by Oracle processes, so we need to know what the resource is and what the other processes are doing with it. MOS doc 760968.1 isn't helpful. A Solaris crash dump taken when the database shutdown problem was occurring showed no signs of an OS issue so database assistance is needed.

      We have tried to capture the following trace, but the trace is empty , and we 're stuck since then.

      SQL> alter session set events '10046 trace name context forever,level 12';
      SQL> alter session set events '10400 trace name context forever, level 1';
      SQL> shutdown immediate;