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    Dynamic Action


      using apex 4.2.1. on my page i have few columns and each field work based on dynamic actions.

      for example. i have 11 fields. so when when field1 is selected 'N' from (Y/N) then field3 open otherwise field 2. then if field3 has some value then field 4 and 5. if field 5 is selected 'N' then filed11 otherwise field6 and so on. everything working fine but when field5 has value 'N' so it is not selecting field 11. i have tried my best but can't work out.

      all the above fields are on the same region and i have checked the sequence and all ok.

      please let me know if anyone know the solution.

      kind regards.
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          Howard (... in Training)

          Can you make a copy of that page -- or the whole application -- so you can do some testing? Make a few changes -- say, swap the function of field 4 with field 5 or field 10 with field 11. See if that works. I'd like to know if field 5 works with field 10. And will field 4 work with field 11. Hopefully, this can tell you whether the problem is with field 5 or with field 11 (or both). Or it's something else entirely.

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            thx for prompt reply. well i have tried most of the things and all working fine except that issue. however, i added an extra item and its work ok. basically say field5 has sequence no 80 and field11 has sequence 140 but now i added test field sequence no 85 and DA if field5 has 'N' then test field otherwise field 6 and so on and it's ok now. but main issue still not solved.

            thx for help!
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              Ramesh P, Oracle APEX Developer
              If you can deploy to apex site, I can try to take a look.
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                i tried as field5 has 'N' then field 8 but same problem like field 11 so it means it working in sequence only. any idea?
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                  Howard (... in Training)
                  Yes. How about an example on apex.oracle.com?

                  Of course, you know "actions" are (probably?) executed in sequence with respect to their triggering event. (?) That's what sequence numbers are for -- for sequencing. ==> But, now I realize I'm not sure how this affects DAs!

                  But I am not understanding your comment about what works and what doesn't work with respect to sequence.

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                    I now understand! it should work in sequence.

                    basically, as i mentioned i have few field say 11 on page.

                    item1 - item11 and seq start from 10 - 110 .

                    i have some DA. so item1 (LOV) if 'N' then item2 elsif 'Y' then item3.

                    if item3 has some value then item 4 and 5. If item5 (Lov) 'N' then item 11 (seq 110) otherwise item 6. if item 6 is not null then item 7 to item11. my prob as above in bold. item 11 (seq 110) not showing when item5 = 'N'.

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                      Howard (... in Training)
                      Ah. Is this the first you've mentioned these are LOVs?

                      Okay, field 1 and 5 are Y/N LOVs. Which others are LOVs?

                      Also, are you using only regular APEX objects(?) or do you have some extra plug-ins for the LOVs?

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                        thx. I am using normal LOV from shared components. filed 5 is LOV (Y/N) and if field5 'N' then field 11 (text) should be displayed.

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                          Howard (... in Training)
                          I made a very simple example with a FIELD5 LOV (values null, Y, N) and FIELD11 and FIELD12. I set the Conditions for FIELD11 as EXPRESSION 1 = EXPRESSION 2 with P3_FIELD5 and Y. I set the Conditions for FIELD12 as EXPRESSION 1 = EXPRESSION 2 with P3_FIELD5 and N.

                          I could select from the LOV but nothing changed because I needed to submit the page. So, I added a DA for P3_FIELD5 that submitted the page when P3_FIELD5 changed. But not on page load as that creates a loop.

                          So, when FIELD5 is null, I see only the LOV. When Y, then I see FIELD11 displayed and when N, FIELD11 is hidden and FIELD12 displayed.

                          That's how I did it. How are you controlling the display of FIELD11?

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                            THX Howard. It does work in your way as I tested. BTW I have done in other way as was quick and changed my plsql script accordingly but in future I will take a look as you said.