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    Workflow Duration and Late Flags

    Marc DiNick
      On a BP with a workflow duration, the Due Date gets populated when the BP record is instantiated rather than when it is actually sent into the workflow. As a result, if the BP record sits as a draft long enough before submission, the duration is cut short for the recipient. Why is this implemented this way?

      For example, take an RFI process with a 10 day response time, that is, a workflow duration of 10 days. The moment the contractor creates a DRAFT RFI record, the Due Date is populated. If he lets the RFI record sit as a draft for 6 days before submitting it, it will appear in the recipients log as due in 4 days instead of 10 days. If the contractor waits long enough, the record can arrive marked as late. This makes the late flags unreliable.

      The clock should count down from the BP Creation Date (when the workflow starts) not from when the draft was created.

      (I submitted an SR about this, but like the rest of my Unifier SRs, it seems to have floated away into oblivion.)