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    WLST startup script

      Can someone help me with a script that dose the following?
      1. The script would start the node manager first
      2. In the script it would connect to the node manager.
      3 .Start admin server
      4. Then it would start the managed servers.

      From my understanding the script should be able to utilize userConfigFile, userKeyFile options in order to provide credentials to the script without user interaction.

      Below is what I have so far. I would like the script to be flexible so that I can be used on more than one system perhaps using variables.

      #invoke WLST
      Java weblogic.WLST
      #set variables 
      #connect to NodeManager
      startNodeManager(verbose='true', NodeManagerHome='/pathtoNodeMNHOME/nodemanager', ListenPort='6666', ListenAddress='myhost'))
      nmConnect(userConfigFile='/myfiles/myuserconfigfile.secure', userKeyFile='/myfiles/myuserkeyfile.secure', host='hostname', port=6666, domainName='mydomain', domainDir='/pathToDomainHome/mydomain', mType='ssl')
      #start servers
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          Hi user9311551,

          Is this as script you want to use when the server boots? If so you only need to start the Node Manager. If the Node Manager is properly configured it will start the Admin Server and all the Managed Servers.

          Here are some scripts to start the Node Manager at boot:

          Yes you can use userConfigFile and userKeyFile so you do not have to provide passwords:

          Regards Peter
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            The script will be manually ran when required to start or stop managed servers, Admin server, and node manager.
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              OK. I have never tired to start the Node Manager like that I always use the MW_HOME/wlserver_12.1/server/bin/startNodeManager.sh.

              But try having a look at this:

              Regards Peter