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    Express Edition problem with instalation

      When i clicked on the icon named "Get Started With Oracle Database 11g Express Edition" i get an error. When i opened the tutorial of that i have next problem.
      To use the SQL Command Line, follow these steps:

      Start SQL*Plus and log in as SYSTEM:

      How to log? I run the Command Line have that "SQL>" and what now?
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          "SQL>" and what now?
          Connect to the database. Use the 'connect' command, it can be shortened to 'conn', saving three keystrokes ;)
          connect system
            ... password: ... Connected.
          -- or
          conn system/<password>
          -- or a SYS connect you *must* use sysdba role
          conn sys as sysdba;
            ... Password: ...
          -- password Not Relevant. If connect error check your OS group membership.
          -- or use "slash" shortcut for OS authentication
          conn /as sysdba;
          ... Connected.
          SYS and SYSTEM are both "special" database users, SYSTEM has the dba role, the SYS user "owns" the database instance and system (!) catalog. There isn't much that requires a SYS connection, SYSTEM can do most any task. One thing SYSTEM can not do is shut down the database.

          Its best to create separate users for your user tables ...
          conn system
           ... password: ... Connected.
          create user <username> identified by <password>;
          grant resource, create session, create view to <username>;
          conn <username>
            ... password ... Connected.
          The 2 Day DBA guide can answer many questions faster than posting here ;) http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17781_01/server.112/e18804/toc.htm
          ... "Get Started With Oracle Database 11g Express Edition" i get an error.
          The actual error would be quite helpful. Sometimes the shortcut URL does not get set up correctly, try this one:

          Check the properties on the shortcut icon, the actual icon file might need an edit to fix.