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    Session Class Method "Connect"

      Hello All,

      Does anyone know how the argument "version" in the Connect method of Session's class is getting the PeopleTools version when connecting? I see from the PeopleSoft documentation, it is always set as "1". However, how is it picking up the PeopleTools version of the psjoa.jar file being used? Any suggestions?

      Session.Connect (version, {"EXISTING" | //PSoftApplicationServer:JoltPort}, UserID, Password, ExtAuth)

      Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

      The error below throws the following when the PS Tools connecting with does not match what is on the Application Server. I would like to know where to get the PeopleTools release number on the web server, in the example below, it would be "8.51.16". Where is this stored? Is there a method I can call to retrieve this info?


      PeopleTools release (8.51.16) for web server '' is not the same as Application Server PeopleTools release (8.51.08). Access denied. ;

      Thank you in advance!

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          I just answered your other question about determining what version a psjoa.jar file came from. If you just need a URL that returns the version, you could create a static page. Assuming your the admin you'd know when your doing a tools upgrade and can update it accordingly. If your working on something you have less control over or need something more dynamic, you could always try to scrape the version off the gateway page. Likewise the Environment Management hub page has that information as well.


          That will work in most cases, unless your in an advanced environment that doesn't run those servlets with PIA, but I don't see a lot of places doing that.
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            Hi RCC,

            Yes, thank you for the response. I updated that ticket with some additional help.

            As for the below solution, we are actually not doing the upgrade to any PeopleSoft environment. The below would work if we are on a PeopleSoft environment. My company is just supporting the ERP connection from our software to a client on PeopleSoft. Therefore, we only deploy the PSJoa.jar file to our servlet to support that PS Tools version when connecting.

            However, thank you for the information and if you have any other suggestion, that would be great!
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              So after rereading both posts, I think the solution on the other post fits your need. You integrate with PeopleSoft, the client provides you a copy of psjoa.jar to deploy on your end. It's supposed to match their current version. You've probably had problems where they sent you the wrong copy or you've deployed the wrong version somehow and you want a way to validate the version against what they are running. When you refer to the version on the web server, you really mean the psjoa.jar file on deployed to your server. In which case I've given you 2 solutions on the other thread.

              If I got that wrong let me know and otherwise I think we can let this thread go now.

              BTW: if you find my posts helpful or answer your question, please flag them accordingly. I'm trying to get out of Newbie status and half the people asking question never give points :)


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                Hi RCC,

                Yes you are correct on what I am trying to accomplish. In addition, what you provided in the other case is what I am looking for.

                Thank you!