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Oracle Forms 10G and Java 7 ?

marife Newbie
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So, as of 13 February 2013 ( there will be no more updates for Java 6. So does that mean that Oracle Forms 10g (which as far as I know only supports Java 6) applications will have to upgraded to Forms 11g to keep up with the Java updates? So if you are running Forms 10g on OAS (Oracle Application Server) does that mean also an upgrade from OAS to Weblogic?
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    ccortez Journeyer
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    Not necessary, the fact that there will be no more updates for java 6 does not mean you have to migrate Forms or OAS, since jave 6 will keep available and also java has not been made just for Forms or OAS, the updates for java 6 must end one day, and that day will come soon, it's just another step to the future: java 7

    And even if you migrate for example Forms to 11g you will not be certificated with java 7 since only Forms is certificated with java 7 and Weblogic 10.3.6 is the only version certified with java 7

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    Michael Ferrante (Oracle) Guru Moderator
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    Java 6 being desupported probably should be the least of your concerns. Are you aware that support for Forms 10 has already ended? This means there are will be no new fixes for it. Refer to the following:

    As for Java 6, or any Java version, as long as the Oracle product you are using has a dependency on Java, that Java version will continue to be supported until the dependent product is no longer supported. So in other words, IF your Forms version was still entitled to support (which it is not), you would also be entitled to java updates. However, in your case, the Forms version has been desupported and therefore you will not necessarily be entitled to additional java updates. Java updates for desupport versions will only be available to customers with Support contracts and MyOracleSupport accounts. The Java desupport dates mostly apply to non-Oracle product users.
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    user346369 Expert
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    Looks like there may be an update to fix this issue:

    Patch 14825718
    Description      ORACLE FORMS BUNDLE PATCH
    Product      Developer Forms
    Release      iAS
    Last Updated      07-JAN-2013

    From the README for 14825718
    I found the above information starting here:
    Re: Java 1.6 and 1.7 on same computer, which references this: FRM-92095: Oracle Jnitiator version too low

    Here's a workaround which is supposed to work without installing the patch, but I haven't had time to try it:
    The "Frm-92095" link above also mentions the -Djava.vendor fix but doesn't show the following steps.

    After installing Java 7, open file manager and go to the directory below, double-click on this file:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe
    This opens a "Java Control Panel" window.
    Click the Java tab, then the View... button.
    This should open a Java Runtime Environment Settings window with two tabs: User and System.
    On each tab, under Runtime Parameters, enter:
    -Djava.vendor="Sun Microsystems Inc."
    The place I saw these instructions claim it works in IE9, Firefox 18.0.2, and Chrome 24.0.1312.57
    I have not had time to try yet.
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    alinzenb Newbie
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    Hi Steve,

    The workaround works fine.

    A question about the patch. Is it allowed to use the patch 14825718 for other Forms environments?
    because this is an OBS patch !
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    John Stegeman Oracle ACE
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    Oracle Support would be the best people to ask (we know you have support since you are able to download the patch)
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    Christian Erlinger Guru
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    Java7 will work with (The patch no is #9593176 plus I'd install #13095466 as well and the latest reports patch #10354861 plus the latest CPU for iAS 10.1.2 which would be #12434141 while you are at it) which is a pure forms patch as well. I don't know if using with plain forms is a good idea, but as said if the main goal is making forms work with java7 above patches should suffice.


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    Michael Ferrante (Oracle) Guru Moderator
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    Just some clarification:

    1. Forms Bundle patch 1 does include a few fixes which address Java 7 issues. However, there are others which are not included. So, the stability of the application would be questionable.

    2. Forms Bundle patch 2 does include some additional Java 7 fixes, but this patch is not intended for non-EBusiness environments. Customers in non-EBS environments are no longer entitled to this patch or support for it if they choose to attempt using it. Basically, you would choose to use bundle patch 2 at your own risk.

    3. To sum it all up, Java 7 is simply not supported for use with non-EBusiness installations for Forms 10.1.2. Further Error Correction Support (Premiere Support) for Forms/Reports 10.1.2 has ended. Customers using this or older versions should be working on an upgrade strategy so as to prevent any interruption in obtaining the support they may need.

    I do understand that there are cases where upgrading may be difficult for some organizations, however waiting until the last possible moment to upgrade is a risky plan. Version 10 was released almost ten years ago. This is a very old version. It is very important to be running as current a version as possible. As mentioned, for organizations who often rely on Oracle Support or Development, running obsolete versions can delay your ability to obtain a solution to a reported problem. Also, each new version includes countless bug fixes which also include security enhancements when available.

    The currently supported versions of Forms/Reports are and Both of these versions support JRE 6 and 7 on the client machines.