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    Weblogic 12C 1z0-599

      Hi there

      I have some colleagues doing the Weblogic 12C essentials certification - exam 1Z0-599

      I was wondering if anyone out there had done this exam and has any recommendations as to texts over and above that in the study guide. Our guys want to pass and trying to find any comments about the exam from actual people online - like what areas to concentrate on, how much work they had done etc etc is impossible cause of all the annoying (and illegal) exam question dump sites you get back !

      If anyone has anything actually useful to say about books that were really useful etc then it would be appreciated

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          Refererence: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=5001&get_params=p_exam_id:1Z0-599&p_org_id=&lang=
          ( Both Preparation and Topic Tabs)

          This is an Oracle Certification Specialist (OCS) exam slightly orientated towards Oracle Partners (OPN).

          The preparation Tab indicates material specificallly available to Oracle Partners only .... that mean your group may (lucky you) or may not (unlucky ... more sweat required) have access to that.

          Often the OPN OCS implementation will be bent towards product set up, width of options. So for some topics if will be about knowing a few basics about the option. Others may hit more depth ( But the focus will be implementation focused with sometimes a very slight sales bent). The word 'Essentials' is in the exam title, that may mean something, but may catch you out.

          Its really a question of going through topic by topic, identifying where in the oracle documentation it is mentioned. There may be useful articles in the Oracle Learning Library or aritcles on oracle technet or relevant blog oracle's on blogs.oracle.com

          If you have a look at an example of Matthew's Morris' for referencing resource's behind his study guide series if may give you a template to develop your notes onto:


          ( As there is a group of you you may be able to share the load a bit .... certainly for resources outside the oracle documentation: OLL, reputable articles etc.).

          Tough not massively relevant, I mentioned on the variety of WLS certiifcations available on this thread {thread:id=2498008}
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            hello marcus,

            did you managee to pass 1z0-599? you can contact me on [removed email address for security purposes].

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              Hello 1009564 user, did you attempted your 1z0-599 Exam??  If you can you share your experience in few words. you can reach me at mand.chand at _gmail