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    Oracle Reports 11G on Weblogic Server 11GR1 10.3.5, PDF output missing data

      Regards Everyone,

      I installed weblogic server 11gR1 plus Forms & Reports 11g on Windows 32-bit edition Server 2003 R2. I am calling reports through form with run_report_object built-in. I am able to generate reports through WLS_Reports server on HTMLCSS, Spreadsheet formats etc but when i generate report on PDF format it comes up with missing data. I mean the frames are displayed but data is missing. Sometime only headings are displayed. I searched the web for a solution but did'nt find any. Somewhere it is mentioned that it could be because of font related issues. But I do not how to fix that.

      Please advise me in the scenario. Will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards,