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    Difference SIM and RMS SOH/Total Quantity


      I would like to when.. when there is a differnce in SOH (RMS) and Total Quantity(SIM) for any item. From where do I start digging to find out how the discrepancy was introduced.
      For that item, either the SOH in RMS can have less than that in SIM or SIM can have less than that in RMS.

      Ideally both should be equal..

      So, in such case what should I be doing to find out where the problem is..
      if you could point out some tables...

      suppose, there are less items in SIM, i would like to know.. how this item was missed...

      any info would be really great
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          Hi ,
          You need to start looking from the initial inventory set up, like when the store was intially set up , the SOH would have been set up using a invetory adjustment.So you would see a inventory adjustment posting in tran_data_history. So starting digging the tran_Data_history table and you can see the inventory increase or decrease and then compare with the SIM SOH. Also look for the transactions that have happened in SIM.You would get a idea which caused the inventory mismatch.