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    Importing/exporting zpools

      quick question, i'm pretty sure the answer is yes to all, but I wanted to be sure

      I have a zpool on a solaris server that's joined to a windows domain. but I want to move it to a new one that i'm building in a virtual machine with an LSI controller passed through

      If i export the pool and then reimport after attaching the disks to the new system, am I correct to assume that the share properties and permissions will be retained?

      the other thing I'm wondering if if the disks need to be in the same order? I would hope solaris would be intelligent enough when scanning fora pool to import to determine what disk is which, especially in the case they are moved to an entirely different controller?
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          I can answer the second question for you. The answer is they do not need to be in the same order. I import BCVs with ZFS zpools all the time w/o problem. It does take a while for the system to scan all your devices but the zpool will import.
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            Thanks for covering that as it's the most important question. I can redo permissions if I have to, obviously I would prefer not to, but it's doable if I have to.

            while we're on the topic though. I setup the VM and attached a pair of 80gb drives to the controller, and i'm seeing some odd dropouts when I run iostat, here's a screen shot


            i'm wondering if it may just be the set of mismatched old drives doing that, or something to do with the controller drivers? I have read of issues with LSI controllers under vmware and/or solaris. my research indicates that the more recent driver/kernel modules don't have these issues, maybe someone has some insight here?

            edit// I suppose I should note that was at 1 second intervals.

            I'm running it again at 3 second intervals and seeing a pretty even 65m/ps all across. maybe i'm just being paranoid

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              well I got it working

              i had to reconfigure my shares, but the permissions were retained as expected. I fumbled a little readding it to my active directory, had a few issues last time and luckily i was able to find my old post.

              I do still see the data rates on the pool fluctuate, i'm wondering if there's something I can do about that tweaking the VM somehow. but it is working.