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    Oracle VM for Siebel on standalone PC

      I would like to use the Oracle VM template for Siebel so that i can get a jump start on our companies upcoming Siebel project.
      I have read the Installation Guide dated April, 2009 for v 8.1.1 but it appears to geared toward an enterprise install with multiple boxes.
      I simply want to put the whole thing on my laptop.
      Is that possible?
      if so, are there instructions for that kind of installation.
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          I have installed Siebel on a laptop multiple times.
          Just follow the instructions and don't worry about the references to multiple boxes.

          If you install Siebel on Windows, you can also follow this document on Supportweb:
          Siebel 8.0 Simplified Demonstration Installation Tasks for Windows [ID 475438.1]
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            Thank you for the lead but unfortunately i cannot access the support web (corporate policy).

            Is there another way of getting the document?

            In a realated question, the PDF i mentioned above instructs the user NOT to unzip the template files into windows.

            how will VM read the files?
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              You need to contact someone within your corporation or your client that has access to oracle support in order to get the document.

              Regarding the PDF, if you mean the installation instructions for Oracle VM Templates, they are valid only for linux because Oracle VM Server is based on linux and all VM Templates are on linux.

              Here is the latest installation guilde on windows for 8.1:


              Links below also may be helpful:



              Hope it helps,