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      • 15. Re: ocp has stopped corresponding with me
        Oracle has found my Beta score for the part 1 exam and is going to certify me.

        Thanks so much for your help. I doubt that this would have been resolved without your help.
        • 16. Re: ocp has stopped corresponding with me
          Brandye Barrington-Oracle
          I have checked on your SRs. The first SR was closed due to no response. An email was sent requesting more info and reminders were sent on Jan 17th and 22nd. If the emails are not in your spam or junk folders, there is a possibility that they were blocked for some reason by your email client.

          With the info that you included in your most recent SR, the team was able to locate your part I exam in the historical records. They have submitted a request to the database team to sort this issue out on the back end and expect your certification to show up in CertView by the end of the week.

          Brandye Barrington
          Certification Forum Moderator
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