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    Character and date values in a char column


      I have a temp table in which one of the columns has to be defined as a char. The purpose of this column is to contain all the begin dates of a rent term. However, the users want to display 'Commencement' for the first rent term, for the rest the dates formatted as 'MM/DD/YYYY'. When the data gets into the table it is going in as '01-FEB-08' for the all the terms other than the first term...hence that is how it comes out in the xml structure.

      In my template i have the following code for the field:

      <?xdofx: if REFFDATE ='Commencement' then 'Commencement' else to_date(REFFDATE,'M/d/yyyy') end if?>

      It is not working....I still see the dates in the 'DD-MON-YY' format. Is there a way to accomplish this? If yes, pls. help.