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    Possible Bug:  Labels and Colors in Map Charts not showing


      following instructions for map chart creation through an APEX tutorial i created a map chart that was suppossed to show total sales for some european countries. However when i ran the page the map of Europe continent appeared without any labels and colors for the countries returned by the map's series sql as it should be. I doubled checked all steps for map's creation many times and found no error in the process. My next step was to search on the internet for a possible solution but found nothing relevant. After many hours of research i visited http://www.anychart.com/products/anychart/mapList/World-World-and-Continent-Maps-Europe-Flash-Map.html and noticed while hovering the mouse over countries that their names were camel-cased. So, i changed the select statement of map's series like this : "SELECT NULL LINK, INITCAP(COUNTRY), SUM(SALES) FROM SALESDATA GROUP BY COUNTRY" and map finally worked as expected. Country names in my SALESDATA table are all stored in uppercase. I think this is not a normal behavior and should work not taking in to account the case of country names. I just wanted to share my experience on this issue hoping to help others facing a similar situation and for a fix in a future release.

      APEX version installed : on Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - Production
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          Hilary Farrell-Oracle
          Hi Jimmy,

          Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately it's not as straightforward as simply Initcapping values returned from a customer's map query. If we take an example from the map of India, if we were to use the location of 'ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS' as an example. If we were to Initcap that value, the result would be 'Andaman And Nicobar Islands', however the value expected by the relevant AnyChart map is actually 'Andaman and Nicobar Islands'. Note the subtle difference in the word 'and'. That difference will result in the data point not be represented on the map, because AnyChart expects the region names to exactly match those associated with their .amap files. So while I appreciate your frustration, the user needs to ensure that the values they use for the maps correctly match the Map Reference Information outlined in the AnyChart online documentation and also in the show/hide region at the bottom of the page for specifying the map query in the Create wizard, mentioned in Chapter 10 of the User's Guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37097_01/doc/doc.42/e35125/maps.htm#BABGGJHC. If it's more helpful, we can certainly update the documentation to clearly state that users need to ensure their values match the case of those expected by the map itself.