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    IB: WSDL Erro - Retrieval of WSDL failed for wsdl name:


      Need some help - I am not able to access WSDL in browser. Got below error -

      Retrieval of WSDL failed for wsdl name: CI_CHARTFIELDS_HR.1. (2,887) PT_INTEGRATION.GetWSDL.OnExecute Name:OnRequest PCPC:1627 Statement:33

      I also checked the log it says - com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.common.GeneralFrameworkException: Cannot establish HTTP connection.

      I checked the following configurations -

      1. Anonymous Node - active with default userid as PSADMIN (It didnt exist hence i created PSADMIN with clone of PS)
      2. Default local node is also active and able to ping
      3. Gateway is also active
      4. Checked the Utility service and all service operations are active with each having single active routing
      5. in gateway file i encrypted the keystore password

      Anything else that I should check, what could the reason?