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    migration from form to 11.1.2

      Hi Seniors/Guru

      Currently we have forms/reports version and we want to upgrade with 11.1.2. We have around 200 forms and 250 reports. My question is do we have to open each and every forms/reports and save it to 11.1.2 and compile it OR is there any script is avaiable to save and compile from to 11.1.2.

      Please guide me. Appreciate your help.

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          Its a simple re-compile to move from to 11.1.2. The only challenge you'll have is probably just installing the 11gR2 environment, which basically its a completely new install of the Forms environment.

          Per the Oracle Note frank posted, it can help show you how you can write a batch script on compiling your forms in batch. It would be essentially the same compile scripts that run on your environment.

          If you run into any roadblocks/challenges with your upgrade to 11.1.2, feel free to contact me via: http://pitss.com/us/

          Thank you,

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            Hi Gavin,

            Appreciate your reply,Gavin please find below is my problem.

            Compiling is not the issue but I want to save from in 11.1.2 from and then complie it. (I have complilation script)

            Because what happen our some forms are saved in 10g and some of are in We want to save all in 11.1.2 so it will not open in lower version because may be you aware if we open in lower version form behaviour is change. i.e button becomes list box.

            Ok anyways I want script which open form and save it and close it through command line. Because as I discussed we have lots of forms and reports. So please guide me how we can do that OR is it possible.

            Seniors/guru please help.

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle
              Your problem is still unclear.

              When you use the command line options (or script) the source files (fmb, mmb, pll) are automatically converted to the current version. Once this occurs, the source files will no longer be accessible using older versions of the product. My recommendation is that you include the compile_all=yes option to your script. This will ensure that all the code is evaluated and properly generated. For example:
              <blockquote>frmcmp.sh module=myform userid=scott/tiger@orcl compile_all=yes</blockquote>
              If you are coming from older versions, some minor manual changes may be required. This is expected. The older the original source file, the more likely chance that you will need to open the form in the Builder and make modifications. This is one reason why we encourage you to always be on current versions.

              Older compiled executables (fmx, mmx, plx) and source files should be removed from the FORMS_PATH